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Benenits (for straight men) dating trans-women

There is a ( #heterophobic ) #Youtuber called "Dawn Marie" how seem to bully straight men and insult #straight women at the same time, go over there and watch "her" videos:

#NSFW #mild-nudity #NotSexy

Jordan B. Peterson's Twitter channel has been banned

I expected this to happen sooner or later, not because of #JordanPeterson (sorry to miss the B. here), but because of how these increasingly dangerous #narcissistic (radical) activists are operating. But watch it for yourself:

Twitter bans Jordan B. Peterson's channel

#Twitter #Woke #LGBTQ #CancelCulture

@Michael Vogel Auch nicht von schlechten Eltern:

Aber ich denke, dass dies auch eindeutig ist. Versucht mal schwierigeres, was mehr abstrakt und kuenstlerisch ist. Ich glaube dann wird das neurale Netzwerk schlapp machen. Aber vielleicht ueberrascht es ja auch positiv ...

Es kann auch mal nicht dieser asozialer #Betrug an der #Landstrasse sein, sondern echt: Kein Bezin mehr und bietet Geld an, damit der Einsender es ihm davon kaufen kann:

PS: Letzter Beitrag!

So schnell kann es gehen: Am Ort noch gestorben mit gerade mal 24 Jahren

So schnell kann es mal gehen, auch wenn es 1000x gut oder sehr knapp ausgeht. Einmal zu knapp und du stirbst. Viele wahre Worte gesprochen:


Bitte auch kein #Gaffen , der beste Gaffer ist der schlechteste Helfer.

3 word job challenge

#cartoon by Michael #Panteli

So far only these messages are comming:

The last one is actually really cool and an alternative to traditional flushing cistern. This one here is funny:

Richard Grannon about narcissists secret crazy-making communication weapon

What do you think about what he says?


Covert Narcissists SECRET CrazyMaking Communication Weapon They Use To ABUSE - Invidious

@Tuxi (Friendica) 🐧 ✅ Das ist auch, was ich mal gesehen habe. Wohl nicht im jedem View hat man alle Menuepunkte zur Auswahl. Unter /network kommt der Menueeintrag jedoch.

But despite the limitations, these results clearly indicate that although the visibility of transgender people is on the rise, we still have a long way to go to reach trans equality.

Yes, the number 1k asked people is extremely low. Plus those 12% who would date a trans-person is not straight, they are bisexual or even homosexual, not straight. So now I know what this "trans equality" is all about. That we straight people date trans-people as we would date other straight people.


And 2% just don't know what they are up to or they aren't straight.

@baptist_joshua_on_youtube That's why it is called "magic". Babies are created by letting the man's sperm got into the woman's vagina, let it travel to the uterus and finally ovarian tubes (where mostly fertilization takes place) where only one sperm cell will fertilize the already waiting (and fertile) ovum.

Little picture needed?

There you go. No "Onan" or brother or whatever your bible says.

This one is actually really scary to see: