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Saint ... er ... George Floy's autopsy report

The #autopsy report of Saint ... er, I mean George Floyd is finally out:
Autopsy report of George Floyd reports no body injuries but high level of toxic liquids being found, coincidence?
Didn't #BLM claim that the arresting police officer used physical violence on GF? Instead the officer had reported that GF tried to evade arrest and pretended to be claustrophobic to not being sat into a police car. BTW: GF was convicted several (6 or 7 times, I'm not 100% sure) for drug dealing and consume.

#GaysAgainstGroomers 's #Twitter account was blocked, guess why: #JeffreyMarsh
We were SUSPENDED from Twitter! Our founder responds
Remember him? Schools are warning parents about him, that they should block all his accounts for their children because he is grooming and abusing children with his "I want to talk to the kids!", "Hi kids!" and other groomer red-flags like isolating the victim and turning them away from their protective parents with his creepy "No contact" stuff or "I'm your family!" messages.

#pride summer is coming for you, hilarious and dangerously grooming for your children:
Its here: Pride forever.
So you are proud of that you enjoy sex with a same-sex person, e.g. fucking an other dude's ass ... #woke lunatics only do that. "Normal" gays just want to live their lives peacefully together and I can accept that. But this constant #gaystapo propaganda is annoying to see. Nobody care you you consensual enjoy #sex with.

A #lesbian is according to these #woke idiots not a woman who loves another (lesbian) woman, or else you are #transphobic . Enjoy the "female penis", lesbians! #WorshipFemalePenis
“A Lesbian IS NOT a Woman Who Loves Women”... I’m SO Confused

Councilman #RobWebb defeats (to my point of view) the #woke culture with their own weapons (rules):
Councilman ‘checkmates’ trans activists revealing ‘dramatic’ transition photos
... and er, he (?) holds up a mirror to the activists:
Lesbian woman of colour ‘holding up the mirror’ to the Left
Remember: It is about the woke trans activists, not lesbian who just wants to live peacefully their lives!

I just found the video, #OdinsMen on rumble has mentioned, she uploaded it to Youtube, too:
The Woke mob has gone too far this time! #tiktok #jeffreymarsh #shumirunNessa
#woke #tiktok #jeffreymarsh #shumirunNessa

@AUF1.TV Hier das Video zum #Gardersee:
Die Wassersituation am Gardasee: So sieht es wirklich aus
Der Link zeigt auf #Invidious, was ein Proxy zu Youtube ist. Das Video vom oesterreichischem Express gemacht, muss daher reinste rechtsextreme Propaganda sein ... ;-)

#Woke is a #cult, no matter what branch you take, #BLM #FatAcceptanceMovement (which is the only movement who has no movement!), #HealthyAtAnySize (sub-branch of previous one) or anything these people want from you: Change your life-style to the bad, so they can live better and you have to donate all of you to them. Simply don't do it:
This Is A Cult
These people will call you a *phobe or *ist (e.g. transphobe) to make you silent.

Modern #feminism is ruining women's #fertility by telling them to go career first and then try to look for a partner with 30+ years old:
How Woke Propaganda Works
#woke media does this.

Summer of "peaceful" protests:
Summer of Peaceful Protests 2020
#BLM #BangLocalMilfs #BlackLifesMatter Yes, it is from 2020, not up-to-date.